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Local Attractions

At CRE Estates, we are proud to offer prime locations in the heart of Maidstone. Our properties are situated within walking distance of many local attractions, including the interested in exploring the cultural sites or taking in the natural beauty of the area, we have the perfect property for your adventures.
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Located just minutes from the heart of Maidstone, there is plenty to explore and many activities to partake in while staying in Maidstone.

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For those interested is the beautiful scenery Maidstone has to offer, the town is renowned for its stunning views and historical landmarks. Located within the Garden of England, there is plenty of amazing views to be seen during your stay. 

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Maidstone is home to several popular shopping centres that offer a diverse retail experience. Fremlin Walk boasts a wonderful shopping centre, including high street brands, fashion outlets, and eateries. 

Leeds Castle is a popular attraction for visitors to Maidstone and offers a sight into the history of Kent. There are many exhibitions availabale on your visit and offers many amenities and conveniences to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable visit for all!

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Maidstone is home to a diverse array of restaurants from local dishes to international cuisines. There is something to cater for any occasion as Maidstone's restaurants promise a delightful journey through the region's culinary delights. 

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